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    1. Mesinduspood.ee (hereinafter referred to as the e-store) is an e-store created by the service provider via which sales of products are carried out for the service user.

    2. www.mesinduspood.ee (mesinduspood.ee) is the domain registered for the service provider.

    3. The Contracting Parties shall be guided, in regulating relations with one another, by this agreement and other acts of the Republic of Estonia.

    4. The service provider has the right to make changes to the services offered at the e-store at any time.

    5. The service provider has the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of the user agreement without the obligation to notify, in writing by e-mail, the user of the service.

    6. The service user confirms that they are at least 18 years old, that they have legal capacity and that their capacity is not limited.


    1. All e-store prices are in euros and include 20% VAT.

    2. The service provider has the right to change the prices displayed in the e-store at any time. If the prices in the e-store are changed after submission of an order by the user of the service and payment for it, the service provider is obliged to deliver the goods to the user at the price that applied at the time the order was placed. The service user does not have the right to demand compensation for the difference in price.


    1. All products that are in stock are delivered within 1-3 working days in Estonia and within 3-5 working days elsewhere. The availability of the products displayed in the e-store may be subject to change in accordance with the inventory, or due to technical problems in the e-store programmes.

    2. All product pages are marked with the corresponding product inventory "in stock" or "out of stock." If the product is marked "out of stock", the service user will be informed of the potential delivery time after placing an order. If a product is out of stock or it is obvious that the actual delivery time is longer than desired or the order cannot be fulfilled, an e-store employee will contact the user and offer a new potential delivery date or substitution with an equivalent product of the same price and quality, or a refund. The money will be returned to the user of the service immediately, but no later than within 14 days of the order being placed.

    3. The displayed product images are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. The e-store product descriptions may not be exhaustive and may inadvertently contain errors.

    4. Product information is checked and updated on a regular basis. Data may have been renewed since the service user’s last visit.

    5. The service user selects the desired products and agrees to enter the information required to fulfil the order (given name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, address for delivery and postal code) and pays for products through online banking via a bank link/credit card or on the basis of a prepayment invoice 100%.

    6. The service user agrees to provide accurate data needed to fulfil the order upon placing the order. The service provider is not responsible for the non-fulfilment of an order due to incorrect data being provided by the user of the service or for any consequences thereof.

    7. The service provider carries out a sale after the submission and payment of an order via the online store. After an order is placed, confirmation or a prepayment invoice is sent to the recipient via e-mail. The invoice is payable 100%. The goods are issued once the payment has been received by Sontravento OÜ.

    8. This contract is deemed to have been entered into once the amount payable via the prepayment invoice or bank link reaches Sontravento OÜ's account.


    1. After the entry into force of this agreement the goods are delivered to the recipient on the basis of the data entered in the order. Be sure to check that the address and contact information is correct.

    2. The goods are delivered to the service user via Post24, Itella Smartpost or courier.

    3. When the goods ordered by the service user have been delivered to the courier company, said company will contact the user to specify the time of delivery of the goods.

    4. If the user has selected a parcel terminal service as a method of delivery (Itella Smartpost or Post 24), the service user will be informed via text message or e-mail upon the arrival of the goods at the terminal.

    5. When filling out an order, pay attention to the accuracy of the contact details you provide in order to avoid delays or misunderstandings in the delivery of goods. The service provider and the courier company cannot be held liable for any delay or misunderstanding in the delivery of goods in cases where the delay or misunderstanding is due to the user having submitted incorrect or incomplete data upon placing their order.

    6. The products are delivered via courier or parcel terminal to the user along with the sales invoice. Before signing the documents, we strongly recommend that you review the package and, in the event of any external damage, make a corresponding note on the courier's bill of delivery. In the case of a damaged product delivered via courier or parcel terminal, we ask you to inform us via e-mail at info@mesinduspood.ee, describing how and when the defect occurred or was detected (adding photos of the defect) no later than one (1) calendar day following receipt of the product. The damaged product will be replaced or another method of compensation will be agreed upon with the service user.


    1. If the service user wishes to withdraw from the contract after placing their order and prior to the contract provider's fulfilment thereof, the service user agrees to inform the service provider of the matter as soon as possible in writing. A written notice must be sent by e-mail to the address info@mesinduspood.ee. The e-mail must contain the order number from which the service user wishes to withdraw, adding their contact details (given name and surname, telephone number and date of submission of order).

    2. If the application for withdrawal reaches the service provider after the contract has been fulfilled, withdrawal from the contract will take place in accordance the e-store user agreement chapter 6, “Returns”.

    3. The service provider shall return the amount paid to the service user promptly, but no later than within 14 days of the date of receipt of the notification of withdrawal.

    4. The money shall be transferred to the same account from which it was received by the service provider.


    1. A 14-day returns policy applies to goods purchased from the e-store from the day of receipt.

    2. The returned product must have no defects, be complete, in its original packaging and unused. Upon returning it you must include the original invoice.

    3. To return the product a corresponding letter must be submitted by e-mail to info@mesinduspood.ee.

    4. Upon withdrawal from the contract the service user must return the purchased item immediately, but no later than within 14 days of notifying of withdrawal from the agreement.

    5. Upon returning the goods the money is returned to the service user promptly, but no later than within 14 days of returning the product. Postage will not be refunded, except in the case referred to in point 6.8 herein.

    6. The money will be transferred to the same account from which it was received by the service provider.

    7. The service user agrees to bear all return costs for the goods, except in the case where the refunded product did not match the service user's order (right of exchange).

    8. Goods which do not correspond to the order can be exchanged within 14 days. This includes clothes, gloves and veils that can be exchanged for another size in the same colour within 14 days of the date of receipt of the goods. In this case, postage is not added.

    9. In cases where it emerges after a product has been returned that it does not conform to the e-store's user agreement conditions set out in points 6.1-6.4, the money is not returned to the service user and the product is held by the service provider. The costs related to the return of the deposited goods are covered by the service user.


    1. Products sold in the e-store are subject to LOA § 218 2), which sets out a two-year period for lodging complaints.


    1. Any personal data obtained via visiting or making purchases in the e-store is treated as confidential.

    2. Secure data communications and security systems are used when making card data enquiries. An encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of the personal details and bank requisites of the service user.

    3. The service provider cannot view card data entered. To make a transaction, the cardholder is directed to the secure environment of Nets Estonia (the former Bank Card Centre). At the moment of payment the inputting of the cardholder's card data is carried out by the holder of the card to the database located in the centre's server; the data is also stored on this server.

    4. The source of the personal data is the initiation of the customer relationship in the registration of an order in the e-store.

    5. The service user's personal information which is needed to transfer the goods to the service user is forwarded to the courier company.

    6. The service provider agrees not to communicate personal information to unauthorised persons.

    7. The service provider reserves the right to transmit personal data relating to users of the service to persons who have the legal right to it and who process data for the performance of obligations prescribed by law, and persons who have the legal right to it and where this is done to protect the life, health or freedom of the service provider, the user or any other person.

    8. The service user has the right to check personal data concerning them, as well as to amend them or ask for them to be removed.

    9. The user consents to the service provider sending an order confirmation via e-mail to the address entered upon placing the order.

    10. The user consents to the service provider sending offers via e-mail to the address entered upon placing the order if the user has checked the corresponding box on the order submission page.


    1. Responsibility lies with the service provider in the sales price of the product. The service provider does not take responsibility for damage caused by defective products, such as property or information damage or loss of profit or turnover.

    2. The service user agrees to use the e-store service only in accordance with the law and on the basis of best practice.

    3. The service user shall be fully responsible before the service provider, other service users or third parties for damage caused by breaching the e-store's user agreement conditions and breaching the law or best practice when using the e-store.

    4. The service provider shall not be liable for damage caused to the user of the service or product delivery delays in cases where the damage or delay is due to circumstances which the service provider could not have influenced and which the service provider did not foresee and could not have foreseen (force majeure).


    1. Attempts will be made to resolve disputes concerning the user agreement by way of negotiations between the parties. If agreement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be settled in court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


    1. The terms presented in the user agreement are mandatory for the recipient.

    2. When placing an order with a check mark next to the text "I agree to the terms and conditions of use of the mesinduspood.ee e-store", the service user confirms that they have acquainted themselves with the terms of the user agreement, understand them and agree to all of the terms and conditions set out in the user agreement.

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Valid as of 1 January 2012